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Roberta Blackgoat
Indigenous People

Roberta Blackgoat
In loving memory of Roberta Blackgoat 1917 - 2002

Roberta Blackgoat

In the spring, year 2001, we were greatly honored to recieve a visit by Elder, Matriarch and Leader: Roberta Blackgoat of Thin Rock Mesa on Big Mountains sovereign Dineh Nation.

This extrordinary Woman has inspired and impacted lives all over the world, and she does still, even though she passed into the Spirit World in year 2002.

At age 84, she got on an airplane and flew to Sweden, to meet a lot of people, and talk about her Peoples long struggle to survive forced relocation and large scale coalmining of her sacred homeland on Black Mesa AZ. She asked for our help.

She was not the ordinary Grandmother...she didnt sit at home, looking back at her life at old age - she was a true Warrior for her People and for Mother Earth and all her children, and she kept on fighting until her own words came true: " The only one who is going to relocate me, is the Creator".

Roberta Blackgoat will always live on in our Hearts and minds. She is not the kind of person one forgets.

She doesnt need a statue to be remembered, beacuse the way she lived her life and the way she was, carry so much power, and a strong legacy that many can follow. She was a strong Leader that instantly made people she met feel a deep respect for her. The real kind of respect...not the kind that fear invoke..

It is hard to explain how much this Grandmother has affected us. There are not words enough to express how much we love her.

I will always love her and cherish the moments i was fortunate to share with her. Each day I do my best to strive to honor her Life and the wishes and teachings she shared.

Type in Roberta Blackgoat in any search engine on the internet, and you will learn more.

We are also forever grateful to another great Woman; Eva Goes, who made this visit possible! She also took all of these photos! Thank you, Eva! 

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Carina Gustafsson


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