Dineh celebrates 30 years of resistance
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Traditional Dineh communities celebrates
30 years of resistance against forced relocation and coal mining!

30 years ago, Dineh Matriarch Pauline Whitesinger were among those who initiated the resistance against coal mining, and as you can see, she is still going strong.
The Indigenous Peoples initiative to protect Black Mesa has spread around the world and gained a lot of international support.
Their message is clear: if the authorities and the multinational companies get their way and remove the last traditional american indian from Black Mesa, not only will the world have lost a totally irreplaceable and invaluable old culture who hold much important knowledge that the world desperately need, but the world will also suffer for it.Today their message also spells CLIMATE CHANGE! in huge flashing letters; beacuse the world now starts to awaken to the fact that burning fossil fuels, speeds up the steadily warming process of our planet.
Pauline Whitesinger
For three decades, Whitesinger has kept powerful forces at bay. "I don't know how old I am," she said. "It is like floating down a river. Each year passes by, and it's just another season of winter, and time goes on." But, she added, speaking in Navajo, "I know where I belong. I know if I relocate, I will die of loneliness." All these years, much has happened on Black Mesa. Life is extremely hard for the traditional Peoples, who struggle to preserve their way of life and to stay on the Land, where their ancestors have lived their lives, since time immemorial.

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Traditional Dineh communities celebrates
30 years of resistance against forced relocation and coal mining!


old photo

Big Mountain Gathering at the Dineh Community of Sweet Water, 30 years ago. For some, certain people may be familiar. You see for instance Elder, Matriarch and Leader Roberta Blackgoat, Elder Matriach Catherine Smith and Elder matriarch Pauline Whitesinger, in the photo, along with other Dineh women and men. The BM Resistance 30 years Anniversary against coalmining and forced relocation was held in this same spot on October 6 2007.

Generations of Dineh men at the celebration. How does this world, look to them, you think? They live far away from the "modern conveniences" we in the western world, take for granted. The Dineh communities do not have electricity or running water in them, yet the Navajo reservation produce and deliver electricity to most major cities in the southwest, like for instance Las Vegas..

Dineh Men
Catherine Smith

ELDER and Matriarch Catherine Smith. This strong Grandmother has never bowed to the manmade authority laws. She repeats over and over that the Dineh adhere to the great Natural Laws. The authority that she knows as hers lies with the great forces of Nature, that no man can master.

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